The Incarnation Explained

Have you ever wondered about what and why you believe as a Christian? There are things that even as a pastor (not that being a pastor makes me super spiritual or all knowing) I sit a wonder "wow." There are things that I cannot wrap my mind around. But I still believe those things to be true. There are a lot of natural things I don't understand fully but I still use them or partake of them.

I heard a story that was a very practical illustration of the incarnation...God becoming flesh and blood as Jesus Christ.

So here goes:

A young father had just told his wife and kids that he would not be going to Sunday School with them, because to be honest he was just having a problem with the idea of God coming to earth as a man to save his creation. A little disappointed, mom and the kids left and as he sat alone drinking his coffee. Looking out the patio door a sudden storm blew in and then within moments it started to snow.

The snow was so wet and heavy that within moments what seemed like an entire flock of migrating birds landed in the yard. There were waxwings and late migrating robins and some Juncos and other small birds all getting buried in the wet heavy snow. There was just no place for cover. This young dad had an idea. He would open up the door to the shed and all of the birds could get out of the storm and be saved.

No matter what he did, they just would not go into the shed. He tried to herd them in, he tried to lead them in, he even got down on his knees to try to be more on their level, but to no avail they would not go in the yard barn. It was getting serious and more and more obvious that these birds needed help. The snow just would not let up. This man was a birder so he was really concerned; what could he do?

What could I do to make these birds believe me and believe that I am really trying to help them? Maybe if I could become a bird they would trust me. I could lead them to safety, if I was another bird like them.

The entire conversation with his wife came back to him at that moment. I guess that is what Jesus did for us. He became a person so I could believe and trust in Him.

With the Christmas season approaching we should consider the birth of the baby Jesus and the truth of God robing Himself in flesh to become like us. To die for our sins as a man and to purchase our salvation. I know it is a little hard to comprehend. But, I am so glad that He did come.


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