I Am a Professional

Many folks spend much of their lives trying to find exactly what their calling is. What is it I am really good at? Can I make a living at what I am really good at? Will I receive all of the accolades that are due to me, because of what it is, I am good at? Will people ever notice?

I know that we often give extra regard and heap praises on athletes and entertainers. It doesn't matter if they are musicians, actors, comedians, or food network stars. We follow their tweets, read their books and buy their projects from iTunes. So like Toby Keith says, "Lets talk about me."

You might be wondering what it is I am a "pro" at. Let me define a word for you.

Crastinus: (Adjective), of tomorrow/next day/future; [in ~um => for/til tomorrow/following day]

It is Latin word defined as, "of tomorrow" Looking ahead to tomorrow. I am a pro at looking ahead to tomorrow. The word that might best describe me might be Pro-crastinus. A professional crastinator.

I might best be called a pro-crastinator. My super power is putting off until tomorrow what I could do today.

Unfortunately, I will receive no accolades for this super power. I will however be known for this ability. Sadly I will never make a living with this power. I will be an anti-hero. I am, Procrastinator. No I do not wear a cape and boots. It seems the story of my life is; that I have been known for many of the wrong things that I have done. It seems all of us have been guilty of being known for our faults and mistakes. We must be sure that we are not identified because of our failures. Like, "I am Frank the slacker."

What I need is for someone to sing my praises and to help me change my ways, because I can't seem to do it for myself...RATS. I need someone to love me in spite of my mistakes and failures. No one seems to love my superpower. I am thankful for those who love me regardless of faults. I am thankful for a savior friend, named Jesus.

Do you know what happens when you give a procrastinator a good idea? NOTHING. Procrastinators always say, "Well, there is always tomorrow." What we procrastinators need to realize is that we are not promised tomorrow. Like Bill Murray said in Groundhogs Day, "What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today."

If you ever considered giving your life to Jesus, faults, shortcomings and all. Do it today. Don't put this off any longer. Don't be a procrastinator with your eternity. If there is something you want to do for others, today is your day.

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